Team bulding

hotel u srbiji

If you want, you can organise team building, movie night or private celebration in one of our two conference rooms, one capacity of 40 and second one, capacity of 70 seats.

At your service are video projector, flip-charts, Wi-Fi and air-condition. 

Traditional Panonian Cousine

hotel u srbiji

In our restaurant we serve dishes typical of this region such as Beef perkelt, Hortobogy pancakes and Somloi Galuska. 

Irresistible flavors Pannonian cuisine, with a wide selection of domestic and foreign wines, is something that should not be missed during your visit to Serbia.



Meet Kanjiža walking or riding a bicycle

hotel u srbiji

Long walks along the Tisa river or city park will become an unforgettable experience.

But if you’re not a fan of walking, at the hotel reception you can rent bikes and enjoy the natural beauty , driving the bike trail along the river and the town of Kanjiža.


hotel u srbiji

In our spa and wellness corner, next to the hot tub, saunas and massage, you can use the indoor pool with healing thermal water, temperature 38 ° C, in addition to which there is a space with lounges, suitable for all-day relaxation